Learn German successfully!

Do you think that German is impossible to learn? 

Research has shown that adults learn German in a fixed order. If you stick to that order, you can learn German successfully and start to enjoy this wonderful language.

Hi, I’m Ellen, the founder of linello – lern Deutsch!

I’m on a mission to make learning German successful and enjoyable. That’s why I teach German based on scientific findings.

If you learn German with me, we’ll go at your pace – fast or slow – one step at a time.

Ever wondered why German is so dificult to learn?

The good news first: it’s not you. You are perfectly capable of learning German.

The question is: how?

Research has shown that we learn languages and grammar in a relatively strict order. That means: it doesn’t matter when you start studying Akkusativ and Dativ. When you’re brain isn’t ready, it isn’t ready!

There are other grammar points your brain is ready for right from the start, such as learning the right verb forms.

All of that means: rushing through textbook after textbook or doing one grammar drill after the other won’t help.

Instead, you need to master the basics first. At your pace, step by step. What may feel slow in the beginning will propel you forward much faster!

I’m currently writing a detailed plan of the learning sequences that I will publish on my blog soon. You can check back in a few days or sign up for my newsletter, if you don’t want to miss it!

Learn German successfully

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Hello, I’m Ellen.

I show you how to get your head around German. We’ll focus on your strengths and work on the things you find difficult.

You’ve been trying to learn German for a while but the grammar is difficult?

I don’t believe in mundane grammar drills. What I believe most people need is encouraging yet honest feedback as well as  grammar exercises that are fitted to their current needs.

Did you know that there’s a fixed order in which adults learn German? I help you find out where you are at right now, so you can move forward faster!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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